Software development solutions

We develop software solutions and provide complete services, from deployment to maintenance and operational support for basic applications, TMS – Terminal Management System, Monitoring and Incident Management, Cash Management, Cash in Transit and Transactional Servers.

The software product line includes card payment solutions that work on ATMs, multifunction machines, EFT-POS terminals and self-service payment terminals, cash-based self-service solutions, middleware transactions, fleet management monitoring and management solutions of terminals.

The software development, implementation and support team consists of specialists with more than 15 years of experience in developing solutions and software for electronic payments. The team is focused on the development of innovative software solutions for electronic payment devices (EFT POS terminals, ATMs, MFPs, terminal fleets and self-service payment systems).

Software solutions are, where appropriate, modular, designed to run and integrate with different software and hardware configurations, comply with the necessary security requirements, provide easy access / management for users, ensure connection to other systems such as loyalty, banking, top-up platforms, CRMs.