Related integrated services


The equipment transport and logistics services are performed with fully equipped machinery, for any conditions and situations:


Equipment storage services include palletizing, unloading, handling, racking, delivery and loading in the truck as well as any manipulation required for upgrade, parameterization or verification throughout the warehouse.

At the same time, we provide permanent access to our employees or collaborators at a 100 sq m work area. This area has an office, its own sanitary group and a constant temperature of 20-22 C degrees regardless of season.


Through our specialized teams we provide complete maintenance services.

Thanks to the investment in molds, we can provide repair services for all types of equipment and accessories in the market, both new equipment (NCR with dispenser S2) and older equipment (Wincor CSC450, NCR SS32 / 34/35) or various automatic payment machines.

We also install a wide range of accessories: small screen or wall coverings, protections, pillars, kiosks, trash cans, light commercials.


We provide cleaning and reconditioning of old or new equipment. Professional cleaning is done with the highest quality materials. We also provide necessary repairs and repainting on small surfaces. The professional painting of a component or of the entire ATM is done in a repair shop, using an oven-dried, to a high quality standard.

The services we provide include handling, transport to the repair shop and return, screen isolation, keyboard, other elements, straightening if necessary, cutting, polishing, painting and drying in the oven using the highest quality materials.


We provide the complete services required to disable all equipment and payment terminals to be disposed of.